Heal, balance and relax ...

... with soothing and healing harp music by Mark Brewer.

For personal or group meditation

This music will help you attain deeper levels of meditation, faster.

For energy healers

This music was specifically conceived for use in energy healing sessions. The four 15-minute harp improvisations can be used to accompany 15-, 30- and 60-minute sessions.

For massage therapists and spas

This music will help you transform your space into a sanctuary of peace.

About the music

Harp music, as a means of healing, works by directly stimulating your body's vibratory and pressure receptors. Your body tissues will literally resonate with the vibrating strings of the harp. As you hear and feel these soothing and healing vibrations, the harp's natural sound will help you open your energy field for a more deeply effective experience.

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