About the Power Chill CD

Track descriptions

Mark Brewer: Power Chill

Originally developed for energy healing practitioners to use in their client sessions, this music can help anyone who is interested in discovering or deepening their spirituality.

This music was recorded in two sessions. Before each session, Mark connected in meditation with all global workers of light, asking for their support in the creation of this improvised music. The energy of this global connection is encoded into the music, beyond the sound information provided by the harp and Mark’s musicianship.

About vibrational healing

Harp music, as a means of healing, works by directly stimulating your body's vibratory and pressure receptors. Your body tissues will literally resonate with the vibrating strings of the harp. As you hear and feel these soothing and healing vibrations, the harp's natural sound will help you open your energy field for a more deeply effective experience.

The harp’s sound is very pure and contains more vibrational information than other musical instruments or other sound healing media. The pitch range of the harp is wide enough to cover most, if not all, of the healing vibrations necessary to improve a person's wellness.

For personal or group meditation

This music will help you attain deeper levels of meditation, faster.

For energy healers

This music was specifically conceived for use in Reiki and other energy healing sessions. The four 15-minute harp improvisations can be used to accompany 15-, 30- and 60-minute energy healing sessions.

For massage therapists and spas

This music will help you transform your space into a sanctuary of peace.

1. Connect

Quiet, cleansing sounds of nature are followed by gentle harp music: calm, relaxing and hopeful.

Open your heart chakra and connect with all who seek to raise our beautiful Mother Earth to a higher spiritual reality. Heal and raise yourself as an individual and all of us together as a community of light.

2. Awaken

As the meditation deepens, open up and allow the healing vibrations to sink deeply.

Awaken and raise your vibration in an upward spiral, the Golden Ladder of Ascension. Experience the dancing spirit of joy. As you join with and enjoy these energies, your immune system is activated for self-healing

3. Understand

An interplay of musical geometries help open blockages and empower you spiritually.

Calm down from the upward spiral and go beyond the lightworker community and enter your own spiritual space. Perceive and understand — focus on your own inner knowing. The healing activated during "Awaken" deepens.

4. Give Thanks

Sounds of nature return to create a soft landing back to normal consciousness.

Give thanks for the love, the energies and the community that supports you. Share your love with the whole planet. Bring your love and healing energy to the planet and all of the life she nurtures.