Power Chill live harp music for meditation and healing by Mark Brewer — and Reiki by Mona Medrek.

Take a journey inward.

     Release the past.

          Discover your inner essence.

In the ancient world, music, healing, science and spirituality were connected. Music was used for healing, to restore harmony, to praise the Creator and to ennoble one’s character. Mark is reviving this ancient tradition using techniques developed through personal experience and research. 

Vibrational healing: How and why it works

Harp meditation uses sound vibration and entrainment to heal, restore balance and achieve a deeper state of meditation faster through vibrations that your body, mind and spirit naturally gravitate to.

Entrainment is the ability for a strong vibrational force to influence a weaker vibrational force. By opening yourself to these vibrations in meditation, your body, mind and spirit "entrain" or become resonate and synchronous with powerful healing energies. Harp meditation music — played with the intention for meditation, healing and spiritual growth — raises your vibration and restores balance. You can heal from accumulated emotional pain, a bad day at work, or both!

As a result, you may experience:

·       Emotional shifts and deep relaxation

·       Release of emotional stress and trauma stored in the tissues

·       Heightened spiritual awareness

·       Strengthening of the immune system

Benefits may include:

·       Reach deeper levels of meditation, faster

·       Balance your chakras

·       Physical and emotional healing

·       Deep relaxation — reduced stress and muscle tension

·       Quieting of the mind through focus on the music

Harp music for meditation works by directly stimulating your body's vibratory and pressure receptors. Your body and tissues literally resonate with the harp vibrations. The relaxing nature of the harp's sound will help you relax and open your energy field to receive the harp vibrations more deeply.

Mark's "secret"

Mark using special tuning techniques that enhance the experience, including tuning the harp to the healing pitch A=432Hz.

A432 resonates directly with the light body allowing the vibrations to penetrate, and through entrainment, bring your energetic essence into balance.

The tuning "temperament" creates extremenly smooth, lucious and consonant intervals, compared to modern "equal temperament," which is great for jazz, rock and other music, but Mark prefers meantone temperament for meditation.

The Power Chill experience

We begin with introductions and some information about meditation, healing, light bodies and the chakra system, with the assumption that the audience already is familiar with these topics.

After some deep breathing and encouragement to ground, participants are invited to sit or lie down and open up to the music, which lasts about 30 minutes. Mark reads and audience’s needs and responds with an appropriate sound landscape, improvised in the moment.

Everyone returns to the present and those who want to can share their experience or ask questions.

The experience lasts one hour or less.

Chakra balancing by Mona Medrek

As an option, Mona Medrek, an experienced and certified Usui Reiki practitioner, will provide energetic support for participants who need it during the meditation experience. Mona works with the harp music, and her touch can help those who need grounding or help clearing energy blockages.

Features and benefits

Several elements work in synergy to help create an effective sound healing and meditation experience:

·       The harp is made of natural materials — your muscles are just like harp strings and resonate with the harp music.

·       The harp sound is recognized as the most healing musical sound on the planet.

·       Mark tunes the harp to the reference pitch, A=432Hz, which resonates with the light body, penetrating both the light body and physical tissues to facilitate physical and emotional healing. Think of it as a sonic form of Reiki. The standard pitch, A=440Hz, has less favorable emotional properties. Using this pitch is very important to achieving successful entrainment.

·       Harp music is the sound counterpart to celestial light. The harp and harpist link heaven and earth to penetrate, stimulate, and heal the body, mind and spirit. Very few healing modalities work on as many levels at once.

·       The harp sound is healing because it is very pure and contains more vibrational information than other musical instruments. The pitch range of the harp is wide enough to vibrate your entire physical body, along with your subtle bodies of thought, emotion and light.

About Mark

Mark Brewer is a professional harpist with 40 years performing experience, and since 2010, has been leading live harp meditation experiences for meditation, healing and personal growth.

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