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Power Chill

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"Power Chill" harp meditation CD by Mark Brewer

Power Chill is one hour of healing acoustic harp music improvised with the intention of healing. The harp sound links heaven and earth to vibrationally penetrate, stimulate, and heal the body, mind and spirit. It’s the perfect soundtrack to create a sanctuary of peace in your massage studio.

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Power Chill - Mark Brewer

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More information about Power Chill and vibrational healing with harp music.

Samples: 3-minute excerpts

Please be patient -- it may take a minute for the music to start.

1 Connect

3 Understand

2 Awaken

4 Give Thanks

What people are saying

From iTunes

“I am in love with this album because it puts me in a Heavenly state of mind. Mark's performances are incredibly beautiful and relaxing. When I listen I experience a sensation as if a great burden has suddenly been lifted away. I am very grateful for the healing power of Power Chill.”

From Amazon.com

“I had the pleasure of meeting Mark this past summer at a retreat in Oregon. I was able to experience his wonderful harp playing first hand, I cannot tell you how well I resonated with it. Power Chill is beautiful music to meditate with, and is so very peaceful and healing.”